Mommy-Child Activities

Kids Activity: Upcycled Christmas Cards

Upcycled Christmas Cards

Kids Activity: Pipe Cleaner Aliens

Pipe Cleaner Aliens

Kids Activity: Golf Tee Marble Balance

Golf Tee Marble Balance

Kids Activity: Indoor Ice Skating

Indoor Ice Skating

Kids Activity: Microwave Ivory Soap

Microwave Ivory Soap

Mommy Child Activity: Toilet Paper Bowling

Toilet Paper Bowling

Fun Mom Activity: Bingo Dot Coloring

Bingo Dot Coloring

Kids Activity: Colored Rice

Colored Rice Activities

Mommy Child Activity: Kitchen Cupboard Toybox

Toy Box in the Kitchen

Fun Mom Activity: Living Room Obstacle Course

Indoor Obstacle Course

Kids Activity: Mess-Free Finger Painting

Mess-Free Finger Paint

Fun Mom Activity: Paint the Sidewalk

Paint the Sidewalk

Mommy Child Activity: Pipe Cleaner Contest

Pipe Cleaner Contest

Kids Activity: Play Dough

Alternative Play Dough

Fun Mom Activity: Tight Rope Treasure Hunt

Tight-Rope Treasure Hunt

Mommy Child Activity: Upcycled Gifts

Upcycled Presents

Keep kids busy during your Moms Group Meeting with these: Coloring Sheets

50+ Coloring Sheets!

Kids Activity: Christmas Activity Calendar

Christmas Calendar

Mommy Group Discussion Guides

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