Indoor Obstacle Course Activity

20 - 45 minutes of fun Mommy time!


Toddlers and pre-schoolers will love running an indoor obstacle course with Mommy!



You'll need: various household objects to build your obstacle course, like stools; blankets; laundry baskets; boxes; puzzles; and toys.

Step 1


Set up an obstacle course in your house, creating a "mission" for kids to accomplish.

For example, "Get the teddy bear to its bed."

Step 2


Take kids through a "practice run" of the course.

Step 3


It's fun to incorporate tasks that allow kids to practice a variety of skills.

Step 4


Teach kids how to "re-set" the course so that they can re-run it as much as they want



Kids will want to re-run the course over and over again.

This provides them a great opportunity to practice taking turns with other kids.