Upcycled Presents Activity

15 - 30 minutes of fun Mommy time!


Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers will love playing with these "gifts" from Mommy!


You'll need: plastic containers; small blocks or toys that do not pose a choking hazard; and tissue paper or newspaper.

Step 1


Gather empty plastic containers, and fill them with small toys.

If an object can be dropped through a toilet paper roll, it is TOO SMALL for this activity!

Step 2


Wrap plastic containers in newspaper or tissue paper.

Step 3


Let kids open their "gifts."



Once playtime is over, all of the "gifts" can head straight for the dishwasher or recycling bin.

This makes a great activity for when babies want to come to play.

(And you'd rather all of your other toys stay out of their mouths).